Bolsena is a wonderful town on the north bank of the lake Bolsena about 100 km from Rome in the Viterbo province also known as the “Tuscia”.
The town rich in history and culture, where iy is still possible to visit the ancient origins Etruscan-Roman Volsinii and the most characteristic medieval quarter.
Bolsena is also famous for being the “Miracle Town”, the “Corpus Christi” festival introduces by the Pope in honour of the Eucharistic Miracle that took place in 1263, sees nearly the whole population involved in the famous “Infiorata”, 3 km of design and pictures totally hand-made from the picking of the petals to the finished carpet.
On July 23rd and 24th is another important historical/religious festival, on this occasion, on a route of 5 piazzas you can witness the so called “Mysteries of Santa Cristina”, to be precise the static scenes of Santa Cristina’s martyrdom again portrayed by the citizen of Bolsena.
In Bolsena apart from visiting the romantic lanes and historical center and tasting the local specialities, there are other points of interest not to be missed:

  • The territorial museum of lake of Bolsena
  • The fresh water aquarium of lake Bolsena
  • The Monaldeschi della Cervara Castle (Home of the Museum and aquarium)
  • The Etruscan digs of Poggio Moscini
  • Piazza san Giovanni
  • Piazza San Rocco
  • The Town
  • Sala Cavour (for exhibitions)
  • Piazza Matteotti (seat of the town Council)
  • San Francesco’s Theatre
  • Santa Cristina Cathedral
  • The Eucharistic Miracle Alter (or the 4 columned alter)
  • The catacombs (entrance in S. Cristina’s Cathedral)
  • The Turona Park (5 km south of Bolsena)

Moving away from the historical center, going towards the banks of the lake, noted as the largest volcanic lake in Europe and the cleanest, in fact it is called “the lake to drink”!.
On of the first excursion surely to do is visit round the island Marta and Bisentina, wild and enchanted where it is possible to swim in crystal clear waters; by going to the port you can take the small ferry to the island about 10 km from Bolsena. Minimum excursion is 1 hour.
Along the lakeside you can run/jog, cycle and take long relaxing walks. It’s possible to do many water sports such a s sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, or dimply rent a boat or canoe.
In the summer months, above all in July and August along the water front and in the historical center, it’s possible to enjoy various events, musical, cultural and shows of all kinds, an example “Di Tuscia un Po’”, where you can discover the tastes and products of Tuscia Bolsena.
Also running through Bolsena is the “Via Francigena” that you can follow on foot or by bicycle, as you can the Bolsena hills.

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