Viterbo is not on the banks of lake Bolsena but 30 km away, but it’s history is very important and worth discovering.
Viterbo, known as the Pope City because from 1257 to 1281 was the Papal seat, thus giving the city a certain prestige.
It is also another part of the “Via Francigena” which covers a large part of the “Tuscia” right up to Rome.
There are several museums like the “Museo Civico” and the “Museo del Colle del Duomo” the Ceramic Museum and the Roberto Jappolo, not forgetting the Museo del Sodalizio dei Facchini di Santa Rosa.
Santa Rosa is the patron saint of Viterbo, and is remembered every year 3th September with the carrying of the santa Rosa machine: 100 porters carry through the center of Viterbo the sumptuous tower 29/30 meters high and weighing 5000 kg surrounded by a huge crowd from this comes under the patrimony of Unesco.

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